A Day of Swimming and Shopping



Set off on a private boat transfer to the picturesque town of Parga, where a delightful day of swimming, shopping, and dining awaits. As you arrive, the clear blue waters invite you to take a refreshing swim, with plenty of beautiful spots along the coastline to enjoy. Parga's beaches, known for their serene beauty and inviting atmosphere, make for the perfect relaxing swim or sunbathing session.

After a rejuvenating swim, explore Parga’s charming streets filled with vibrant shops and local boutiques. Whether you’re looking for unique souvenirs, handmade crafts, or local delicacies, Parga offers a delightful shopping experience. Enhance your day with a lunch reservation at one of Parga's many restaurants, where you can savor delicious Greek cuisine and enjoy the stunning views of this coastal gem.

This private tour ensures a perfect balance of relaxation and exploration in one of Greece’s most enchanting towns.

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