Explore Our Home Island



Embark on a captivating private tour around Paxoi, our beloved home island, where every corner reveals a new wonder. Departing from the charming harbor of Gaios, you'll journey through the picturesque villages of Panagea, Loggos, and Lakka. Each stop offers unique experiences, from exploring the quaint streets to enjoying a leisurely coffee in a local café. As you sail along the island’s stunning coastline, you’ll encounter the mesmerizing Erimitis cliffs and the enchanting Blue Caves and Coves, and the famous Tripitos Arch, where the azure waters create a magical swimming experience.

Continue your adventure to Kaltsonissi, where the serene passage provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing swim. The tour culminates at the idyllic Mogonissi, a hidden gem known for its tranquil bay and relaxing waters. Here, you can indulge in a refreshing ice cream as you soak in the beauty of the Ionian Sea.

With ample opportunities for swimming and relaxation, this private boat tour around Paxoi promises an unforgettable day filled with the charm and natural beauty of our treasured island.

For a more comprehensive experience, our combined Tour of Paxoi and Antipaxoi allows you to enjoy the best of both islands, with ample time for swimming and relaxation.

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